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Many of the finest coins in the market are sold in auction. With the development of the internet many collectors and investors now have the ability to participate in these auctions by bidding online. However, they can’t see the coin live to judge whether it’s a high end specimen for the grade, a low end specimen, or an ugly, over graded dog of a coin that someone is hoping to unload on a distant buyer who is looking the best possible image of a problem coin (Image of same grade, but two different looking coins). The truth is that most coins are purchased sight-seen in auctions by auction attendees. Why? Because if the coin is real nice for the grade, or premium quality (PQ), then it may be worth that extra bid increment to win the coin. If the coin has problems, despite its certification, it may not even be worth a bid below wholesale. The only way to know this is to participate live.  
  Dr. Fey attends most of the major coin shows and national coin auctions (Heritage, Bowers & Merena, Stacks, Superior, American Numismatic Rarities), provides critical advise to his clients, and execute bids on their behalf. He was the second under bidder at $2.7 million for “The King of United States Coins", the Walter H. Child specimen of the famous 1804 silver dollar, the “Finest” of all 1804 dollars, at the Bowers & Merena auction in New York City, August 30, 1999. However, he routinely bids on coins of substantially lower value.
In addition, Dr. Fey can represent you in online bidding at E-Bay or other online auctions, providing an opinion about the coin being offered, keeping your name or bidder name anonymous, as use sophisticated techniques for giving you a better chance to win coins at a lower cost than you might be able to do on your own.

Naturally, the cost for this service depends on the value of the coins you want, but in most cases it represents a small percentage of the cost of the target acquisition(s).

If you are interested in having Dr. Fey preview and execute a bid on a coin(s) in an upcoming auction, please E-mail ( or call 973-252-4000, FAX 973-252-0481. In the event that Dr. Fey would not be attending the auction personally, one of his trusted associates will do his bidding for you.

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