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ANACS is perhaps the oldest grading service in the hobby having once been a part of the American Numismatic Association's coin grading service. ANACS, like PCGS and NGC guarantees the authenticity and grade of coins encapsulated in the ANACS cache.
ANACS caters to specialty and variety collectors and is generally less costly than other services. However, their coins routinely trade for less than PCGS and NGC coins, although there are exceptions. ANACS net grades problem coins so that every coin can be certified albeit at a reduced value depending on how severe ANACS net grades the coin. ANACS has a fine staff of very knowledgeable professional numismatists and provides great service at a reasonable price to die hard collectors.
Contact RCI if you wish to have Dr. Fey submit you coins to ANACS.

Dr. Fey / RCI is an authorized dealer submitter for:

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